About Our Festival Sponsor

Ontario Power Generation (“OPG”) produces almost half of the electricity that Ontario homes, schools, hospitals and businesses rely on each day. Headquartered in Renfrew, OPG’s Eastern Operations manage one thermal facility and 10 hydroelectric generating stations and associated water control structures on the St. Lawrence, Ottawa and Madawaska Rivers. These hydroelectric stations have a combined generating capacity of 2,668 megawatts (MW), or enough electricity to power over 2.5 million homes.

In 2014, OPG burned its last piece of coal to make electricity. This was the largest single action to combat climate change in North America to date. OPG’s power is more than 99 per cent free of smog and greenhouse gas emissions. And we produce this power at about 40 per cent of the cost of other generators.

At September 30, 2016, OPG’s generating portfolio had an in-service capacity of 17,055 megawatts. We own and operate:

  • 2 nuclear stations
  • 65 hydroelectric stations on 24 river systems
  • 2 biomass stations
  • 1 thermal station
  • 1 wind turbine

Stay Clear. Stay Safe.

The safety of the public and our staff is our number one priority. OPG operates 65 hydroelectric stations and 240 dams on 24 river systems. Most of these facilities are remotely controlled.

As demand for electricity rises and falls throughout each day, operators stationed many kilometres away open and close dams, and start and stop generating units as needed. Water that looks safe may become turbulent with little or no warning.

For your safety near a hydroelectric dam or station:

  • Obey all warning signs, fences, buoys, booms and barriers. They are put there to protect you. The areas inside are dangerous, stay clear of them.
  • Stay a safe distance outside of warning signs, buoys, booms and barriers when snowmobiling, fishing, boating or swimming.
  • Stay well back from the edge of waters or ice above and below hydroelectric dams and stations.
  • Never stand, anchor or tie your boat below a dam. Rapidly changing water levels and flows can take you by surprise and deceptively thin ice could crack and give way.

Resource materials

Please take a few moments to review our Stay Clear, Stay Safe brochure, which describes the safety precautions you need to take when near hydroelectric stations and dams.

Additional water safety resources:

Download our Water Safety Poster. Know the signs and stay clear.

Download our Kids Guide to Water Safety Poster. Know the signs and stay clear.